Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hey Obama & Biden, help the working man........please ban guns for the safety of working criminals everywhere

On another matter Obama needs to write a great big thank you to the mainstream media which kept Obama voters in the dark about some very basic facts. Check out Obama supporter responses in this video.

How differently would this election outcome have been if Obama voters would have known that Democratic lawmakers have in fact been the majority leadership the last 2 years, up to and including our current economic hardship conditions.

And what if the mainstream media would have aired this CSPAN video which proved Democrats were in fact the politicians, warned by Republicans in 2004, who rejected additional regulations of Fannie and Freddie and eventually caused our current $700 billion credit crisis bailout.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Minnesota Public Radio story admits one year later statewide smoking ban eliminates business

Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association interim director Tony Chesak said it's clear to him the ban is causing bars across the state to fail.

"I'd say, realistically, 200 to 300 licensed establishments, at least, have closed," Chesak said. "I would think that would be a conservative number."

Membership in the association dropped about 25 percent this year. Chesak said the promise of non-smokers frequenting bars more often because of the smoke free law hasn't panned out.

Meanwhile, ClearWay MN (recipient of tens of millions of tobacco settlement dollars) spokesperson Kerri Gordon claims "...studies have found that smoking bans don't hurt businesses in states that have bans in place....."

It's obvious that Gordon hopes we've all forgotten about this Clearway MN survey from 2006 that found smoking bans eliminate business in 7 out of 10 hospitality venues they polled.......oops it appears that facts are a stubborn thing Kerri.........and ClearWay MN is caught lying to the public once again.

The rest of the MPR story can be found here.

Friday, November 07, 2008

RWJF funds "Cover the Uninsured" campaign.....a rent seeking scam designed to steal tax dollars from your wallet to sustain the medical industry

And God knows if there's an industry that needs government subsidies less than any other, it's the medical industry.

What's even more embarrassing to us at CTA is that the University of Minnesota in our own backyard is providing the "study" to justify this new push for a huge government handout.

Hey, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation if you're truly concerned about the uninsured, why don't you and your parent company, Johnson & Johnson with '07 sales of $61+ billion, insure them yourselves.

More likely, neither RWJF or J & J are truly concerned about the uninsured as they (RWJF) are pushing more rent seeking legislation aimed to increase demand and profits for parent company Johnson & Johnson and their numerous subsidiaries.

For those new to CTA we've written extensively about one of RWJF's rent seeking issues, smoking bans, which have helped triple demand of pharmaceutical nicotine products like Nicoderm, Nicotrol etc.; manufactured by J & J subsidiaries.

The renewed push by RWJF and the campaign to "Cover the Uninsured" is no doubt spurred by their giddiness of having just elected the most irresponsible tax and spend liberals in all three (now untouchable) governing bodies in the country, the White House, U.S. Senate and Congress.

Christmas comes early for the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry, and you the taxpayer (& ignorant voter) get to foot the bill. Hopefully you don't lose your job or your health insurance, afterall; somebody's got to fuel the government gravy train.

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